How to make pulp mould

Molded Pulp tooling normally contains forming suction mould , transfer mould , hot press mould and edge trimming mould.For kraft pulp trays forming mould usually made by plastic and casting aluminum. Machining into the designed shape, drilling the suction holes , spotting weld mesh , assembling boundary plate , and mounting on the base plate and get a suction mould.

For transfer mould .we also choose to use plastic and aluminum to make the profile cavity , and mount on base plate .For the hot press mould ,we choose to use aluminum and steel as per request of molded pulp trays. As to trimming mould , we have wooden with knife mould and steel mould together with hot press mould to choose .



Drawing designing
how to make pulp mouldWe need to know the exact request from customer , if you have a drawing

or sample of the pulp tray or items need to be pulp packed, you can show me directly ,

we can modify as per your needs and make it fit the pulp molding technique also ,

and finalize it with your confirmation before start the mould.

Materials preparing

casting aluminum

We usually use casting aluminum and plastic to make forming mould ,

but for hot press mould we will use aluminum and steel , and if you have

special request , we also have brass for option.


CNC machining

pulp mould machining

All the mould and spare parts needed for mould are all machined by CNC which

makes all parts more accurate ,then the mould will perform well in production

and will have a better durable life.


Drill suction holes
drill suction holes for pulp mould

Standard Diameter of holes drilled with controlled distance between

each hole to ensure for sufficient suction and blow performance.



Welding mesh
weld mesh for pulp mould

To form mesh according to suction top profile for tight fit to suction

tops making better forming of the products during suction.



assemble pulp mould

To assemble the boundary plate on the mould to press the mesh tightly ,

and mount the mould unit on base plate to make it a finished pulp mould.



Testing mould
We have the pulp molding machine same as your factory for testing mould ,

and make samples for your confirmation before send the mould out.

All moulds will be packed in standard export wood carton with safe protection

inside making it in good status when arriving your location.


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