Pulp packaging mould which is used for making molded pulp packaging trays and boxes , just to take place of EPS foams and plastic trays , all moulds are 3D designed by solidworks , which makes the packaging trays fits the product very well . and all the moulds are precison machined to make the moulds and tools enable efficient production of moulded pulp products of the highest quality.Our moulds are in uniquely high production performance, makes correct outer product dimensions and passed stringent testing for outstanding mould and tools use life .

Such as :

  • pulp packaging mould and toolsshoes insert mould

  • roll cradles mould

  • wine shipper mould

  • medical disposables mould

  • beverage cup carriers mould

  • peat pots mould

  • pulp packaging trays mould





As to materials , we provide options for customers to choose which will make it easier to meet your request .

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cup tray mould