molded pulp egg tray mold

     Egg tray mould of  traditional and customized egg trays in a wide variety of sizes.  apply to both reciprocating machine and rotary machine.Uniquely high production performance, correct outer product dimensions,stringent testing for outstanding mould and tools service life which the customer cares most. All tray moulds are designed to run on all standard packing machines.

specifications as below:

Specifics  Nos Dimensions (mm) Egg Weight (g)  Remark
15½ lbs  30  292x310x47  45 – 60
17 lbs  30  310x310x51  60 – 70
17x lbs  30  292x292x47  60 – 70
20 lbs  30  310x310x51  70 – 80
25 lbs  20  292x292x53   80 – 94

 and more customzied size egg trays……


 we are specialized in molded pulp molds making and designing , and we have many options for materials and price.

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egg tray mold